This page is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions for the blog.

1) Can you do a post that covers a certain ‘burning‘ topic?

Sure thing! You can leave a comment on any of the posts or PM me on the forums (IGN: Zungedous) and I’ll look into it to see how far I can actually research into that certain topic first.

If it’s worth doing a post, I’ll be sure to let you know first before I start developing and writing it.

Lacking Stash inventory slots, here’s how many you’ll need in the long run.

Unfortunately, do note that I’m just a regular player who is experimenting with the game to spend those extra hours and extra dollars. I’m in no way affiliated to Gameloft so there is a limitation to what I can exactly test and research within the game.

For example, if I’m lacking a certain equipment that you would like me to test, I regret to say that I most probably wouldn’t be able to until I get lucky from chests.

2) You made an error in this post!

Thanks for pointing it out! I’ll rectify it right away….soon!
(Of course, I’ll test it out first before making any changes to ensure that what I’ve written is flawed.) 

More importantly, thank you for paying attention to my posts. It’s really heartening to know that other players out there are reading this and benefiting from it. 😀

3) What’s your updating schedule like?

I tentatively plan to do one major post and one minor post a week.

Major posts include topics such as minion strategies, effective game-play, game mechanics etc.
Minor posts include topics such as comparison posts, calculators, minor changes I’ve observed etc.

Should there be any events in place, I’ll update those too in as well.

Have problems delivering gifts? Here’s a strategy on how to improve your chances.

The WC database tab will be constantly updated at least once a week. I plan to do an analysis on that when each cycle is done.

4) Aren’t there many blogs out there? Why another one?

Most blogs/ guides cover a general review and walkthroughs of Dungeon Hunter 5 as a simple hack-and-slash game. There’s even an iOS app in the appstore (done by Vietnamese) that covers basic strategies of DH5. These often brand the game as a simple hack-and-slash where finding the right play style, practice smart techniques, can get you somewhere.

For me, I beg to differ.

When I first began my Dungeon Hunter 5 journey, I realised that it is fairly complex game of which possesses dozens of hidden facets that are concealed and waiting to be unraveled.

I also believe that despite having inconvenient bugs and glitches, or overpowered minions/skills etc., there is a way to work around them with careful planning and strategic gameplay.

Too many Vorors in everyone’s stronghold?  Here’s a post on how to beat them.

But the more vital point is that I’m looking at a platform to share this knowledge. When I first started posting in the forums, I realised that there were a lot of things that players (and myself) weren’t aware of and I wanted to share what I knew and make sense of theories and controversies within the game.

Hopefully this blog is able to benefit you, as a player, in understanding more about DH5 and have a more inspiring game. 😀

5) I have an issue with the game/ There’s a bug here/ This player/guild is hacking!

If you wish to approach me to contact the developers about a matter, kindly PM me through the forums instead. I spend equal time here as I do on the forums so I’ll most probably see your issue in a day or two.

6) Can I haz free gems plzzzz? or Where can I get the unlimited gems?

I’ve recently been asked this question.

To which I reply…