The Blog and its Author

About the Guide Blog

The goal of this Blog is to help out fellow players uncover more about this ever-expanding complex game universe and to understand what they’re getting into. Through experimentation and research, I’ll attempt to make sense of topics such as game play mechanics and strategies while debunking theories/ conspiracies/ presumptions.

If you find any of the content questionable or would like to know more about a certain topic, do drop a comment and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

About the Author

Hey! I’m Zungedous (‘Zung’ for short), an avid DH5 player who first started Dungeon Huntering since early August 2015. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on the game and been playing it almost daily.

As for myself, I come from Singapore and currently delving deep into my research. My interests lie in Digital Fabrication, Knitted fabric mouldless casting methods and strategies for the design of Functionally Graded Materials.

Playing on the Asia Pacific iOS server, I belong to the Singapore guild (naturally also named ‘SINGAPORE’), a close-knit family of (mostly) local players on our sunny (or other times rainy) island, and enjoy each other company in real life. 🙂

Although my forum status writes that I’m a DH5 ambassador, do note that I’m in no way affiliated to the development team of DH5, Customer Care, or the parent company, Gameloft, for that matter. Doing this more as a hobby, I collect feedback, assess and relay them to the developers in order to improve and balance game experience. And yes, I’m in close contact with the devs at the moment so if there’s any burning feedback, do drop them into the comments section and I’ll give my reply as soon as humanly possible.

Additionally, the content released in my blog are purely of my own findings unless otherwise mentioned otherwise where credit is due.

If you wish to quote from my blog or adopt/edit my content, do also drop me a note in the comments section of the respective post. As much as I appreciate academic integrity, kindly do the same too!