Update Time

It’s been a while since my last update due to real life commitments and work-related deadlines so my regular schedule took a hit. Thankfully, I’m out of the busy zone and back into my blog updates. 😉

For now, I’ll start with an easy post, detailing the first impressions for this new update (version 26). This entry will list down the new features and what we can expect from it. As for the future posts, I’m still working on the Nightmare Pits room since it is now more relevant with the much controversial stronghold boost.

Update (19/6/18): Stronghold boost is gone and damage is back to normal!
Added information for the cooldown of Beacon, courtesy of Lune for pointing out.

Update (20/6/18): Changes in Healing shield and active HPH degradation during Arena. 

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Draconid Outburst

As promised to a couple of folks on Discord (quite a while back), here is my impression on the legendary fire bracer, Draconid Outburst.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have obtained from the Skill chest when it was boosted a month ago. After a while of testing and using it, I hope I can cover as much of Draconid Outburst’s pros and cons in this entry as possible.

The outline of the post will consist of the skill mechanics, strategies as to how and when to use it, and a comparison between DO and the other well sought-after bracers.

Update 23/04/18: Reduced the number of ‘this’ from the entry. Also corrected some minor mistakes in the text. 

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A Journey to M7

For long-time players of DH5, mastering your gears (and minions) to their maximum potential is something that everyone strives for. Additionally, with the entry of T7 comes the added possibility of M7 – an extremely hefty endeavor to achieve.

Thus, this short post is meant for late game players who are late-game players who are planning to achieve an M7 weapon for themselves. Specifically, it covers the two fundamental questions:

  • What do you need for M7?
  • Is it worthwhile?

Many thanks to my brothers-in-arms, MyVoid and Corny/Scallop for clarifying some data in this entry which helped plenty for this M7 journey. 

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Weekly Marathons

A rather overdue post which I initially wanted to work on a while back when this event first became official.

This post is intended to be a mix of a guide and a database reference to not only those who are new to the game, but also for long-time players in completing Weekly Marathon events. These have now become a permanent(?) installation to the game to give players an additional set of objectives and rewards to complete over the course of the weekdays.

Also, much credit to ObiWan, Critique, Darken Rhal, yui and many others who have written in on the #Strategy section of Discord.

Update (12/4/18): Changes to SF boosters as mentioned by yui

Update (15/4/18): Changes to Mission 6 as noted by Dragec

Update (20/6/18): Additional quest requirement for kill minion with ‘weapon type’

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Easter 2018

The long weekend is here! And finally I’ve got some spare time on my hands (after so long) to post some entries 🙂

For those who were wondering: Yes, I intentionally skipped the review of the update. It was initially planned as a Chest Drop post but seeing the flak it has been getting on forums/discord, I’ve decided to avoid that for now. What’s more, probability of chest drops isn’t something that can be ‘cheaply‘ quantified so I’m afraid that I lack the resources (and data) to properly evaluate them. 🙂

For this holiday entry, this wouldn’t be so much about a cultural post this time but more of a Legendary Hunt (LH) strategy post for early to mid game players. It is in response to the difficulty scaling in the Easter mission, which makes legendary mode more challenging than your usual LH.

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Spring Festival 2018

Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers! 🙂

As the event is on its second day of run and that the mechanics of it is fairly straightforward, this will be a short post on the appreciation for the event and its special dungeon design. Moreover, it will include the cultural references which the bosses, characters and gears in this update were drawn from.

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Forbidden Courtyard

As requested by Pornpote in the last post, here is my take on the Forbidden courtyard (or ‘Courtyard/Court’ in short). Honestly, I never thought I would be doing this stronghold as it was rather average since its inception in the very first Xinkashi update. It never stood out even after SHv2.0 was released, going so far as to boost a consistent 100% to all nature minion stats at max tier

Recently, this room started to gain more traction after the Kringle ‘surge’ in the last christmas update. Because of this, a very specific setup of minions now dominates the current ‘meta’ of nature rooms available in the higher leagues.

Like in all stronghold posts, this entry will detail a general overview of the physical features of this room, strategies as to how to raid it, and tactics of building it.

Fun Fact: This was my first ever Stronghold (from the Minions chest) back when the first version of SH was around. It popped out as a T5 😉

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Still alive…but…

[Quick Announcement]

While the new update has rolled out (fairly recently) for all platforms, I’ve been suffering from a mild writer’s block since there isn’t really much new content to put out at the moment. The initial plan was to work on an FAQ-style post to document the features of the update. However, now with the announcement that the ‘action delay/ cooldown‘ issue is to be solved by reverting to the old version, perhaps the main new content which we will get is this year’s run of the Spring event (ie. Lunar New Year event).

From now till the Spring festival event, I’m currently working on a Nettles Forbidden Courtyard stronghold post which is scheduled for the end of the week or early next week. Hopefully that will fill in before the event comes along.

P.S.: I’m going blind from the intense colour saturation in Strongholds 😦


Seashore Retreat [Revisited]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you readers and followers out there!
More importantly, thank you for all your support for the past 2 years (yes! it’s been that long).

This post commemorates the overly powered Seashore Retreats (or ‘Shore’ in short) which has become the reigning SH within the span of the last month, and effectively surpassing Nettles in popularity. Such is undoubtedly courtesy of the numerous Kringle and Candy Cane Corvus (CCCorvus) from the paid Holiday chest and recent Xmas Legendary Hunts.

Special shout out to my guildmates from Singapore Guild for their long-term support and discussions of different strategies about how to clear or build this stronghold.   Continue reading “Seashore Retreat [Revisited]”

Valethian Christmas (2017)

The Christmas holiday special has dropped on the turn of December, and unfortunately I’ve been late on covering this due to a busy weekend. 😉

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s version of the event and some strategies that you could consider in getting the rewards. 🙂

Update 8/12/17: There is an increase in the number of available Xmas Nature Armor and Water Duals you can now buy from the shop from 1 to 7. Probably revised for Mastery purposes. Additionally, there are some updates to the strategy in getting 5 presents. 

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