The Milestone Post (Pt.2)

Let’s continue with part 2 of the roast review of DH5’s features 🙂

In this post, we’ll cover the later game modes of Guild War, Arena, Trial of Elements and Citadel. The format will be the same as the last entry, where I’ll talk about how the good…and not so good…of how these modes have been over the course of 4 years.

Beware though, as this post is going to be a long one…

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The Milestone Post (Pt.1)

It’s been a while…

DH5 is now 4 years old since its conception and boy, has it been one heck of a journey.

So, at the request of Sussel (the current Community Manager), I initially set out to write what features of the game I found to be enjoyable and what could’ve been improved upon.

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Halloween Gifts (2018)

The Halloween Update was launched a few weeks ago with the game introducing a few unique event-specific(?) items to spice up the current game meta.

We’ll review these 3 items and how to get/find them during this holiday period (31 Oct – 5 Nov). Moreover, I’ll also throw in some suggestions about how to improve the implementation of these items or rewards.

Time for some Treats?

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Citadel of Disorder

A tad (very) late since I just flew in from abroad a couple of nights ago, but better late than never. 😉

We’ll talk about the Citadel of Disorder – the second installment in the Citadel-collection events. This time with portals instead of jumping in the journey to collect as many shards as possible. Additionally, we also have a new item to boost our shard drops – Shard digger (or ‘Shovel’) which we’ll explore in this post.

Likewise, the format of the post will describe and analyse: (a) Basic mechanics of this new Citadel; (b) The Shard Digger; (c) Breakdown of items and number of runs/gems to procure them.

*For those interested in the analysis, simply scroll right to the bottom for the excel breakdown. 😉

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Citadel of Death Pt.1

The Citadel of Death (or also known as Crystal Challenge) is a new collection-type event that was just launched recently during this update. At the point of time of writing this, I do recognise that it’s a rather late post for this week’s event, but hopefully it can be used as a reference for upcoming versions of this event in the future.

Here, we will document the new event – Citadel of Death, detailing its basic mechanics and event shop with the rewards cost breakdown. It will also tease what is to come in for future Citadels.

As the Citadel doesn’t present much of a challenge, I’ll skip the strategy segment for this. Instead, I’ll be adding a follow-up post providing an analysis of the event and suggestions for Citadel, which will be done sometime next week.

P.S.: Somehow I’m speculating that the ‘Death‘ refers to the element-theme of this current Citadel, which might hint that there are other elements involved. 

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Summer Event 2018

It’s time for the Summer event in DH5 again….though this one is a tad bit late (almost like my updating this month). This year’s edition comes in the form of 2 main events (a Legendary Hunt and an Energy Marathon).

In this post, we’ll cover both of these events, specifically the Legendary Hunt and a breakdown of obtaining the rewards.

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Nightmare Pits Pt.1

With special request from Paul Rage, here’s the (very very very) long-overdue Nightmare Pits post.

Nightmare Pits, or Pits in short, is one of the two dark strongholds available in the game.  While it used to be one of the better strongholds around, it is now rarely used by late-game players as the current strengths of dark and fire minions are rather lackluster. Thus, Pits fare as a relatively average stronghold unless one has high minion mastery and bonuses at his/her disposal.

Like the typical stronghold strategy posts, this entry will cover the Nightmare Pits in general, along with some strategies to both build it (part 1) and raid it (part 2).

*Special thanks to my guildmates, especially Shan, for their advice on building Nightmare Pits.

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Update Time

It’s been a while since my last update due to real life commitments and work-related deadlines so my regular schedule took a hit. Thankfully, I’m out of the busy zone and back into my blog updates. 😉

For now, I’ll start with an easy post, detailing the first impressions for this new update (version 26). This entry will list down the new features and what we can expect from it. As for the future posts, I’m still working on the Nightmare Pits room since it is now more relevant with the much controversial stronghold boost.

Update (19/6/18): Stronghold boost is gone and damage is back to normal!
Added information for the cooldown of Beacon, courtesy of Lune for pointing out.

Update (20/6/18): Changes in Healing shield and active HPH degradation during Arena. 

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Draconid Outburst

As promised to a couple of folks on Discord (quite a while back), here is my impression on the legendary fire bracer, Draconid Outburst.

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have obtained from the Skill chest when it was boosted a month ago. After a while of testing and using it, I hope I can cover as much of Draconid Outburst’s pros and cons in this entry as possible.

The outline of the post will consist of the skill mechanics, strategies as to how and when to use it, and a comparison between DO and the other well sought-after bracers.

Update 23/04/18: Reduced the number of ‘this’ from the entry. Also corrected some minor mistakes in the text. 

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A Journey to M7

For long-time players of DH5, mastering your gears (and minions) to their maximum potential is something that everyone strives for. Additionally, with the entry of T7 comes the added possibility of M7 – an extremely hefty endeavor to achieve.

Thus, this short post is meant for late game players who are late-game players who are planning to achieve an M7 weapon for themselves. Specifically, it covers the two fundamental questions:

  • What do you need for M7?
  • Is it worthwhile?

Many thanks to my brothers-in-arms, MyVoid and Corny/Scallop for clarifying some data in this entry which helped plenty for this M7 journey. 

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