Unholy Invasion

Surprise! I’m back!

Actually, more like re-summoned by GL to continue my posts. 😀

Truth be told, the lockdown has given me some free time on my hands so I can work on other things as well. That’s when I got approached by GL to continue my blog…

However, it is not to say that I’ll be having regular updates like in the past, since I still have work to complete before the lockdown ends. What’s more, I’ve been playing very sparsely since my last post to focus on my research and have been quite out of touch until recently.

As such, the agreement is to have upcoming posts geared as a collaboration between me and the devs…so you can expect enticing things like:

  • More accurate and detailed information
  • Concept Art/Screenshots
  • New gear reviews
  • ….and more!

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Weekly Marathons

A rather overdue post which I initially wanted to work on a while back when this event first became official.

This post is intended to be a mix of a guide and a database reference to not only those who are new to the game, but also for long-time players in completing Weekly Marathon events. These have now become a permanent(?) installation to the game to give players an additional set of objectives and rewards to complete over the course of the weekdays.

Also, much credit to ObiWan, Critique, Darken Rhal, yui and many others who have written in on the #Strategy section of Discord.

Update (12/4/18): Changes to SF boosters as mentioned by yui

Update (15/4/18): Changes to Mission 6 as noted by Dragec

Update (20/6/18): Additional quest requirement for kill minion with ‘weapon type’

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Minion Mastery

The new update has dropped and so has my unannounced lengthy hiatus. Hopefully I’ve not lost my touch on writing the blog posts. 🙂

Besides the many features that have been introduced, let’s cover the minion mastery first since it’s probably going to impact everyone the most. This post will cover the basics of minion mastery and what would we expect out from this new feature.

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Mastery 101

Following the Arena post, Mastery (and its accompanying transmutation) is a new game feature to be introduced to DH5. The general gist of it is to allow you to use duplicates and spare items to improve your gear with enhanced stats and a unique trait.

For this post’s structure, I’ll be doing a different approach by adding FAQs along the way since putting everything at the end might seem too confusing. Another reason is that Mastery might not be as straightforward on first glance, so probing around and asking questions was the best way to learn about it. 🙂

*Minor Update (16/6): Strike Chance damage rough percentage added.

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Missing the Dodge (and more) Pt.1

After clearing your free trinkets and testing out the new crafting mechanism, the next large change to the game comes in the form of the modified dodge modification. As brought up in the previous post (and at the request of many), let’s discuss what exactly dodge is now and how this has impacted combat as a whole.

As a continuation in a later post, we shall also look into what is good now and new strategies to adopt in order to adapt to these new changes.

Before I go into that, do give the entirety of the official changelog a read first before we go any further.

Done? Alright, let’s start.

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Skills Documentation

A post which I wanted to do quite some time back but never properly had the time to sit down to work on until now. Allow me to present to you….Skills Documentation.

In the same vein as the minions abilities documentation list which GL, which you can check out here, do note that this is a documentation list and subjective opinions here are kept minimal at best. Additionally, this list attempts to sieve out whatever useful information one might need in figuring out certain skills.

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Skills Classification

Happy New Year to all fellow readers!

Before I start, Thank you for your support, especially those who are following this blog and my guild mates, in the past year of 2016! Hopefully 2017 would be great for DH5 with plenty of new additions and bug-free updates. 🙂

To follow up with the traits ranking post, let’s more on to one of the major aspects of this game – Skills.

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[The Basics] Weapons – Melee

A bit of hiatus recently due to real life commitments catching up with me and I’m feeling a bit of the brunt of keeping up the schedules for both. :/ Fortunately, here’s something for your reading pleasure before I do something more content-heavy.

Well…the initial plan was to work on different types of SHv2.0 building and raiding strategies. However, with the new announcements on the DH5 social media channels (about the ‘new’ room, changing dynamics of minions) remind me (time and again) why I should wait for the new update before I decide to provide a more comprehensive coverage.

(And no, I dislike doing speculative posts since lack of grounded knowledge is the bane of every academic literature…)

In short: Don’t worry, those posts will come in due time ;).

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Minion Classification [Part 3]

Hi there!

This is going to be the last out of the constantly extended Minion Classification series of posts. For this post, we’ll be covering Melee Strikers and wrap up with a conclusion.

You can read the previous posts in this series here:

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