Minion Classification [Part 1]


Here’s a post to chew on as I’m planning my second post of the Combat 2.0 series, this time, focusing on the different types of minions in the game and also setting up a general referential database for all of the minion strategies for readers to refer to.

The main motivation behind this post would be classify all the different types of minions (aka toons, pets) based on their strengths, weakness, abilities and giving them a label because I’m that lazy to type in all of the minions I’m referring to whenever I say ‘Chaser Champions’. It will also briefly explain some strategies of how to take these general group of minions down if encountered in Strongholds.

A minor disclaimer to the post, the information here is actually quite ‘meh’ if you’re an experienced player. If you’ve played at least for a few months and have been involved in raiding in some way or another, you’ll probably find that everything very straightforward.

Enough talk…Let’s go!

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Effective Farming & Sweet Spots

The daily (in-game) grind of events to obtain crystals, runestones, evolution materials, fusion boosters, experience points are some of the familiar necessities which players within Dungeon Hunter 5 often have to engage in. However, one question players might ask: Is there such a thing as an effective way to farm?

– This strategy is meant for players of all levels.
– Timings and figures below are to be used for reference only and the below strategy is to adopted at the player’s own discretion. 

To achieve an ‘effective’ farming method, we target for the player to fulfill 2 conditions:
(1) Little to No effort from the player’s part;
(2) Fastest completion timing.

For those entrapped by work, auto-mode might be the way to go. Pressing the big ‘Auto’ button at the bottom of the screen allows one’s character to be handled effortlessly by an AI which will run the course of the mission, while you go about your own daily grind in reality.
(Awesome Youtube video by Kobo Joon inside this paragraph)

Nonetheless, the immediate core disadvantage that one might point out would be the time needed to complete each daily mission. As the AI usually takes the longer route by trudging around the whole map, this would be assumed that the AI takes longer to achieve what a normal human player might take. Hence, it can be said that auto-mode might not be effective in terms of time.

On the contrary, while human minds might beat the AI in terms of speed, having to engage in the game does inevitable consume brain-power, resulting in the player spending some effort by focusing on the game.

Nonetheless, there is a way to find a middle ground between auto and manual mode.

What you’ll need:
– A decently levelled ranged weapon (crossbow or staff)
– Optimally >4k + global stats for both attack and armor
(optional) A friend who also has about 4k+ global stats

Fundamentally, there are 2 major maps that are used for the daily missions, of which I’ll fondly term as the ‘Valenthian Arena’ and the ‘Ashkardian Trials’ maps.

In each map, there is a ‘sweet‘ spot where players can position their characters and tap the attack button till the mission finishes. This drastically reduces the time and effort taken by a human player in getting the job done.

In the spirit of research, let’s examine how both auto and manual modes fare in each map and determine which mode is most effective:

– This experiment was done by only constantly tapping on the attack button right after moving to the target ‘sweet’ spot. After-which, I did not look at my screen until it was time to open the chest.
– Taking into account reaction time, 2 timings were taken for the manual mode: when the boss falls & when the chest is opened
– My global stats and gear at the time of this experiment were 5.1k/6.0k; Shocking Thundereye/ Prestigious Skybridge Armor. 

Valenthian Arena
Used in: Monday’s Fusion Booster; Tuesday’s Evolution Materials; Wednesday’s Relic; Friday’s Runestone/Heirloom
Map size: Small


The Valenthian Arena sports 3 consecutive different waves of monsters that will appear along the perimeter of the map. Once all 3 waves are cleared, a final champion boss will be revealed in the center. Defeating it will spawn the chest in the same location.

‘Sweet’ Spot

Having a small area, the trick would be to stand at the edge of the middle circle, just below the base, where your field of vision is just slightly touching the end of the map (see image below). This will allow you to see all the monsters when they appear and give you enough range to reach them.


Do note that every single minion will swarm upon your location as you are equally as visible to them as for them to you. Thus, you can easily pick off all the monsters within the map with minimal difficulty (if you have at least the recommended 4k stats).

As you’re not within range of the final chest that spawns, the character will not accidentally open the chest, allowing you to initiate the ‘pause‘ trick* to see what you have gained at the end, which is especially useful for Tuesday’s (evolution materials) and Friday’s (Rune stones/ Heirlooms) events.

However, if the final reward is guaranteed (ie. Wednesday’s relics) or if you disregard the type of item you get, you can position your character in the center of the circle for the same effect. This time, he/she will automatically open the chest upon clearing the boss.

*Note: This works only if you’ve killed most of the minions on the map. If your ally has been doing that for you, then you might see only 0-1 out of the 2 items. 

Time Comparison

Auto Mode
Average Timing: 52 seconds

Manual Mode
Average Timing: 50 seconds
(Champion boss falls at 47 seconds)

Timing between auto and manual mode differs by only 2 seconds. Hence, in terms of effective farming, auto mode takes the cake for this map.

However, if its a specific elemental material you’re looking for, manual mode would be more viable so you don’t lose unnecessary energy on drops that are not of value to you.

Ashkardian Trials
Used in: Monday’s Quartz & Experience; Thursday’s Crystal
Map Size: Large


Similar to the Arena, the Ashkardian Trials has 3 waves of monsters to clear. However, as this is a big map, each wave will spawn according to where your character’s position is and they will ‘linger’ there until defeated. Should any one of the minions be left alive, the next wave will not spawn. Each wave is signified by an animation sequence where certain platforms on the map are elevated/dropped.

Likewise, the champion boss(es) will spawn in the middle of the map and the reward chest will appear right in the center upon clearing all foes from the map.

!! Caution !!: Because of the change to the walk-able terrain, there is a (slight) possibility that the auto-mode AI might get ‘stuck’ at certain corners that used to have platforms. This is not a major glitch, but you’ll need to manually disengage auto-mode, move out far from your current location, and seek out the next target before activating auto-mode again.

‘Sweet’ Spot

In this map, situating your character in the lower left quadrant of the grilled center area allows a full reach of all the monsters that will spawn around you. Typically, you’ll be facing monsters from all around (360 deg), but let the auto-targeting do the work and just sit back and tap.


A drawback would be that you’ll need to go to the center of the map once the final champion boss(es) have been defeated. Thus, this presents the need for checking back at around the 1 min 15 secs mark.

Time Comparison

Auto Mode
Average Timing: 1 min 40 secs

Manual Mode
Average Timing: 1 min 18 secs
(Champion boss falls at 1 min 14 secs)

As mentioned previously, the large map size proves disadvantageous to users of auto-mode as the AI will attempt to ‘seek out’ foes throughout the whole map. On the other hand, manual mode ‘draws’ monsters to one single location, saving much needed time to find new enemies on the map.

In conclusion, manual mode prevails in this map with its fast speed of clearing with minimal effort required.

Hope this helps and happy holidays!