A Legendary Evaluation

While I would very much like to talk about the new update today, this post is dedicated to the first two legendary belts, Immortals’ Justice (IJ) and Ice Stalagmites (IS) – something which my guildies and friends have recommended for a while.

This post will assess and discuss the traits, use and viability of these two, showcasing certain strategies of how they are able to be used and which scenarios are good to use them in. It will also do an overall comparison between the two at the end as to why one of them is so largely preferred over the other.

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Skills Documentation

A post which I wanted to do quite some time back but never properly had the time to sit down to work on until now. Allow me to present to you….Skills Documentation.

In the same vein as the minions abilities documentation list which GL, which you can check out here, do note that this is a documentation list and subjective opinions here are kept minimal at best. Additionally, this list attempts to sieve out whatever useful information one might need in figuring out certain skills.

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Skills Classification

Happy New Year to all fellow readers!

Before I start, Thank you for your support, especially those who are following this blog and my guild mates, in the past year of 2016! Hopefully 2017 would be great for DH5 with plenty of new additions and bug-free updates. 🙂

To follow up with the traits ranking post, let’s more on to one of the major aspects of this game – Skills.

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Quantifying T6 (Light)

When the T6 gear emerged 2 updates ago, I was reluctant to do any comparison post for one major reason: It was simply unfair to compare these with existing gear as none had equal footing (similar number of traits, stats) to match up.

Now that ‘it’ is released, I can safely work on a post that encapsulates the strength of these gear in all its glory.

In this post, I present to you a comparison between 2 legendary-level armors of the same element:  Shining Justicar Arcplate vs Stellar Aegis Armor

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The Math behind Guild Wars [Pt.2.1]


This is the second post in the series of ‘The Math behind Guild Wars’. In the previous part, we looked into a strategy that is able to reap the highest amount of war points.

However, what was yet to be addressed would be how this strategy would fit in different scenarios, such as changing win rates and participant count. Additionally, we will also examine what is the cut-off point where a non-battle frenzy strategy actually makes sense.

The posts will be structured as such:

Part 1: The Basic Math and Deriving a Strategy 
Part 2.1: Making sense of Battle Frenzy (Player Count) [you’re here now!]
Part 2.2: Making sense of Battle Frenzy (Win Rate)
Part 3: Guild War Calculator

P.S.: Yes, I’m still procrastinating on the second post of the combat formula.  

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Review of Easter Gear

Whelp! A belated post that arrived way too late. 😦

Hence, I’m going to review all of the easter related equipment for this post instead of providing the usual calculator or walkthrough. But I have to say, it’s much easier than the Spring festival (earlier in February) in terms of the combat prowess of the minions and boss (especially Legendary Mode).

*This is a buffer post before I make the next entry for the combat 2.0 series of posts.

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