Citadel of Disorder

A tad (very) late since I just flew in from abroad a couple of nights ago, but better late than never. ūüėČ

We’ll talk about the Citadel of Disorder – the second installment in the Citadel-collection events. This time with portals instead of jumping in the journey to collect as many shards as possible. Additionally, we also have a new item to boost our shard drops – Shard digger (or ‘Shovel’) which we’ll explore in this post.

Likewise, the format of the post will describe and analyse: (a) Basic mechanics of this new Citadel; (b) The Shard Digger; (c) Breakdown of items and number of runs/gems to procure them.

*For those interested in the analysis, simply scroll right to the bottom for the excel breakdown. ūüėČ

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Citadel of Death Pt.1

The Citadel of Death (or also known as Crystal Challenge) is a¬†new collection-type event that was just launched recently during this update. At the point of time of writing this, I do recognise that it’s a rather late post for this week’s event,¬†but hopefully it can be used as a reference for upcoming versions of this event in the future.

Here, we will document the new event – Citadel of Death, detailing its basic mechanics and event shop with the rewards cost breakdown. It will also tease what is to come in for future Citadels.

As the Citadel doesn’t present much of a challenge, I’ll skip the strategy segment for this. Instead,¬†I’ll be adding a follow-up post providing an analysis of the event and suggestions for Citadel, which will be done sometime next week.

P.S.: Somehow I’m speculating that the ‘Death‘ refers to the element-theme of this current Citadel, which might hint that there are other elements involved.¬†

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New Trials: First Impressions

The update has just dropped and amongst the changes, we’ve gotten ourselves a brand new map for Trials of Elements (or ToE for short).

This post will be a quick review of the new ToE and what kind of first-impression changes which I’ve observed thus far. Although at first glance it might seem like an aesthetical makeover, there are quite a number of underlying revisions and improvements which they’ve done since the last map.

As for the actual drawn maps themselves, I’ll probably develop them in another post. (And hopefully someone doesn’t copy it without crediting again :/)

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Revised Crafting and Trinkets

With the new update dropped, I can finally post! ūüôā

Amidst the new gear evolutions, revised dodge mechanic and amended interface, the first major feature which caught my attention, as well as being highly discussed on the forums, would be the trinket crafting system.

On first glance, the new crafting system with conversion might seem to be confusing and players might be uncertain as to what to do next. Not to worry as this post is dedicated to helping you understand the new trinket crafting system (at least for this update).

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Trial Optimisation

Amidst the SHv2.0 commentaries (and recent update to the fresh¬†new interface of Google Chrome), I decided to work on something currently less spoken about, yet still on everyone’s daily to-do list: Trials of Elements.

(Edited on 18/09 – Corrected map with new info on certain minions and a segment on persistent zone skills)

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Trinket Crafting & Stash Space

A late stage game mechanic, the crafting of trinkets is a long and tedious process that is reserved for higher level players.

Don’t get me wrong, the rewards are fantastic: elevating one’s base stats well into the 6K range and beyond for players sporting¬†decent base stats. But just to farm for and store the ingredients alone would take a whole lot of patience, time and…not forgetting, money.

But if you’re a free player, how far can you actually go with trinket crafting?

One of the first (and major) concerns would be stash inventory space (not to be confused with the regular inventory space) as lacking that would simply prevent a player from storing up much-needed ingredients, and ultimately put a halt to your endeavor in attaining the trinkets.

In this post, let’s examine how much stash space you’ll actually need for your top-tier (T5) trinket.

Fire Trinket Progression Artwork (Lenz)

Certain things to take note:
*This is assuming that you’re crafting ONLY one elemental trinket.

*All crafting materials (ToE/Mission obtainable) are capped at 99x per slot.
*Trinkets are capped at 1x per slot.
*Stash space below takes into assumption that you’ve already finished your previous trinket and moving on to the next one.

ToE ingredients: (From right-to-left) Mushroom, Flower, Dust, Liquid, Quartz types
Solo-mission ingredients: (From right-to-left) Feather, Ore, Spirit types

For a T1 trinket = 2 stash slots
[1 feather, 7 mushrooms]

For a T2 trinket = 6 stash slots
(assuming you’ll be making a T1 trinket at the same time)
[11 feathers, 108 flowers, 52 mushrooms, 1x T1 trinket]

For a T3 trinket = 17 stash slots
(assuming you’ll be making T2 trinkets at the same time)
[25 ores, 158 flowers, 306 dusts, 5x T2 trinkets]

For a T4 trinket = 31 stash slots
(assuming you’ll be making T3 trinkets at the same time)
[37 ores, 219 dusts, 195 other element liquid, 8x T3 trinkets]

For a T5 trinket = 50 stash slots
(assuming you’ll be making T4 trinkets at the same time)
[40 spirits , 167 liquid, 361 other element quartz, 12x T4 trinkets]

That means to craft one¬†T5 trinket from scratch, you’ll need:
644 x Ores (from missions)
40 x Spirits (from missions)
60 x feathers (from missions)
167 x Liquids (ToE)
1804 x Flowers (ToE)
267 x Mushrooms (ToE)
5076(?!) x Dusts (ToE)
195 x Other element liquid (T4, ToE)
361 x Other element Quartz (T5, ToE)

In conclusion, it’s clear that the starting stash space is insufficient and it’s necessary to prepare your stash inventory space to get ready for those 50++ stash slots. Also, note that this is based on ONLY¬†one elemental trinket so you’ll need to buy¬†much more if you’re preparing for the other elements.

Furthermore, it’ll be best to think twice about throwing away any crafting ingredients for space. Getting those 5076 dusts will take a while.

Good luck and have fun!