Easter 2018

The long weekend is here! And finally I’ve got some spare time on my hands (after so long) to post some entries 🙂

For those who were wondering: Yes, I intentionally skipped the review of the update. It was initially planned as a Chest Drop post but seeing the flak it has been getting on forums/discord, I’ve decided to avoid that for now. What’s more, probability of chest drops isn’t something that can be ‘cheaply‘ quantified so I’m afraid that I lack the resources (and data) to properly evaluate them. 🙂

For this holiday entry, this wouldn’t be so much about a cultural post this time but more of a Legendary Hunt (LH) strategy post for early to mid game players. It is in response to the difficulty scaling in the Easter mission, which makes legendary mode more challenging than your usual LH.

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Valethian Christmas (2017)

The Christmas holiday special has dropped on the turn of December, and unfortunately I’ve been late on covering this due to a busy weekend. 😉

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s version of the event and some strategies that you could consider in getting the rewards. 🙂

Update 8/12/17: There is an increase in the number of available Xmas Nature Armor and Water Duals you can now buy from the shop from 1 to 7. Probably revised for Mastery purposes. Additionally, there are some updates to the strategy in getting 5 presents. 

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Minion Mastery

The new update has dropped and so has my unannounced lengthy hiatus. Hopefully I’ve not lost my touch on writing the blog posts. 🙂

Besides the many features that have been introduced, let’s cover the minion mastery first since it’s probably going to impact everyone the most. This post will cover the basics of minion mastery and what would we expect out from this new feature.

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Summer Event (2017)


With the Summer Event of 2017 in place, here’s a quick post to discuss the flow of the event, explain the workings of a custom-made calculator and give some insights about known issues.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be working on a cultural post for this round, like my other event posts, since I’m knee deep in real-life work at this point. Perhaps I’ll do it sometime later since I just read that the Fire Colossus might actually be a ‘she‘ based on Polynesian folklore.

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Mastery 101

Following the Arena post, Mastery (and its accompanying transmutation) is a new game feature to be introduced to DH5. The general gist of it is to allow you to use duplicates and spare items to improve your gear with enhanced stats and a unique trait.

For this post’s structure, I’ll be doing a different approach by adding FAQs along the way since putting everything at the end might seem too confusing. Another reason is that Mastery might not be as straightforward on first glance, so probing around and asking questions was the best way to learn about it. 🙂

*Minor Update (16/6): Strike Chance damage rough percentage added.

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Valenthian Rooftops [2016 Edition]

Christmas came early with this year’s edition of Valenthian Rooftops, the annual Xmas DH5 event, commencing a couple of hours ago…at least when I first started writing this post. 

In the same vein as last year, the event features your character (and ally) running around the rooftops of Valenthia collecting and delivering presents, which you can read about the strategy here, and the Easter eggs post here, both of which were posted last year.

The mission should now be (much much) easier with more gears attaining run speed at T6 and with maxed out T6 Haste making everyone a speed machine, all set for a rapid pick-and-drop delivery.

Update (22/12/16): The ornaments rewarded per difficulty have been updated. Fortunately, this makes the whole event much much easier. 🙂

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Raiding and Trophies

Before SH v2.0 makes its grand appearance, I wanted to address something that has irked me whenever anyone starts a thread or a conversation with me about the following:

“Why on earth do I lose more trophies when failing my defence, but gain very little trophies when I win?!”       – Many players

…accompanied by a string of comments about how messed up the current raiding system is and various insults thrown around.

Well…while the good thing is that this penalty is set for reduction, the honest truth is that this trophy system has not changed since the time I played (which is approximately a year ago).

This time, I promise to keep the post brief.

*Edited: Segment on Revenge & tip to move to the next ranking league*

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The Math behind Guild Wars [Pt.2.2]


This is the second post in the series of ‘The Math behind Guild Wars’. In the previous part, we looked into the ‘best case scenario’ strategy and how having battle frenzy affects the overall score based on the number of participants.

As a continuation to Part 2.1, we now look into differing Win Rates instead.

The posts will be structured as such:

Part 1: The Basic Math and Deriving a Strategy 
Part 2.1: Making sense of Battle Frenzy (Player Count) 
Part 2.2: Making sense of Battle Frenzy (Win Rate)
 [you’re here now!]
Part 3: Guild War Calculator

P.S.: Yep, still procrastinating…  

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The Math behind Guild Wars [Pt.2.1]


This is the second post in the series of ‘The Math behind Guild Wars’. In the previous part, we looked into a strategy that is able to reap the highest amount of war points.

However, what was yet to be addressed would be how this strategy would fit in different scenarios, such as changing win rates and participant count. Additionally, we will also examine what is the cut-off point where a non-battle frenzy strategy actually makes sense.

The posts will be structured as such:

Part 1: The Basic Math and Deriving a Strategy 
Part 2.1: Making sense of Battle Frenzy (Player Count) [you’re here now!]
Part 2.2: Making sense of Battle Frenzy (Win Rate)
Part 3: Guild War Calculator

P.S.: Yes, I’m still procrastinating on the second post of the combat formula.  

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