The Math behind Guild Wars [Pt.1]


Guild Wars is upon DH5 and with a complex setup of war points, battle frenzy and battle quests, the question that pops up in everyone’s head (or at least in mine), would be whether the battle frenzy is actually worthwhile getting.

Hence, I bring to you a series of posts that explore the math behind Guild wars and hopefully make some sense amidst the seemingly chaotic guild vs guild scenarios.

The posts will be structured as such:

Part 1: The Basic Math and Deriving a Strategy [you’re here now!]
Part 2: Making sense of Battle Frenzy
Part 3: Guild War Calculator

P.S.: Yes, I’m procrastinating on the second post of the combat formula.  

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Combat 2.0: How does it work?

Since the latest release of the Adamant Alliance series 2 update last week, I’ve been attempting to make sense of how the combat system actually works. Thus, I’ll be running a series of experiments in testing out against a variety of minions and keepers as I possibly can with my current set of gears.

Do note that I’m a considerably semi-free player so I don’t have all possible gear combinations. I’ll do, however, make the best out of what I have and try my best to unravel this mystery. 🙂

This will be a 3-part series that breaks down the understanding of the damage calculation into several posts to be released in intervals of every week (I hope):

  1. Hypothesis & Initial Experiment <- You are here now!
  2. Dealing & Receiving Damage (Minions)
  3. Against Players & Predicted formula & Suggestions to deal with it

Be warned, you’ll be stepping into territory that involves some (hopefully simple) math formula. I read it’s a real turn-off in some publications, but if you want to actually know how it works, we’ve got to dig into the good stuff. 😉

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