Combat 2.0: How does it work?

Since the latest release of the Adamant Alliance series 2 update last week, I’ve been attempting to make sense of how the combat system actually works. Thus, I’ll be running a series of experiments in testing out against a variety of minions and keepers as I possibly can with my current set of gears.

Do note that I’m a considerably semi-free player so I don’t have all possible gear combinations. I’ll do, however, make the best out of what I have and try my best to unravel this mystery. 🙂

This will be a 3-part series that breaks down the understanding of the damage calculation into several posts to be released in intervals of every week (I hope):

  1. Hypothesis & Initial Experiment <- You are here now!
  2. Dealing & Receiving Damage (Minions)
  3. Against Players & Predicted formula & Suggestions to deal with it

Be warned, you’ll be stepping into territory that involves some (hopefully simple) math formula. I read it’s a real turn-off in some publications, but if you want to actually know how it works, we’ve got to dig into the good stuff. 😉

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