Seashore Retreat [Revisited]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you readers and followers out there!
More importantly, thank you for all your support for the past 2 years (yes! it’s been that long).

This post commemorates the overly powered Seashore Retreats (or ‘Shore’ in short) which has become the reigning SH within the span of the last month, and effectively surpassing Nettles in popularity. Such is undoubtedly courtesy of the numerous Kringle and Candy Cane Corvus (CCCorvus) from the paid Holiday chest and recent Xmas Legendary Hunts.

Special shout out to my guildmates from Singapore Guild for their long-term support and discussions of different strategies about how to clear or build this stronghold.   Continue reading “Seashore Retreat [Revisited]”


Valenthian Guardhouse: Revisited

This took much longer than expected, but here it is: the Valenthian Guardhouse post revisited.

With minion mastery well established after several updates, Strongholds have gotten much stronger to the extent of (finally?) being able to defend. 30k stats strongholds are now more common and these pose a threat to even players in gear of the stronger element.

Thus, this will be part of an ongoing series of posts to update my older trap room posts to be more relevant in the current update’s context. While these might get eventually outdated in the long run, hopefully these will provide a basis as to how to formulate strategies to build or raid such trap rooms in the future.

(And yes, I realised my previous Guardhouse post was before SH v2.0, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.)

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Minion Mastery

The new update has dropped and so has my unannounced lengthy hiatus. Hopefully I’ve not lost my touch on writing the blog posts. 🙂

Besides the many features that have been introduced, let’s cover the minion mastery first since it’s probably going to impact everyone the most. This post will cover the basics of minion mastery and what would we expect out from this new feature.

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Updated Strategies Pt.2

Now that we have covered the changes, the next part looks into what actually has been impacted and what exactly do we have to look out for. This will also include strategies to cope with the modifications in combat mechanics.

For those who have yet to see the earlier post about the changes from the most recent update, do give it a read here before proceeding.

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Missing the Dodge (and more) Pt.1

After clearing your free trinkets and testing out the new crafting mechanism, the next large change to the game comes in the form of the modified dodge modification. As brought up in the previous post (and at the request of many), let’s discuss what exactly dodge is now and how this has impacted combat as a whole.

As a continuation in a later post, we shall also look into what is good now and new strategies to adopt in order to adapt to these new changes.

Before I go into that, do give the entirety of the official changelog a read first before we go any further.

Done? Alright, let’s start.

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A Legendary Evaluation

While I would very much like to talk about the new update today, this post is dedicated to the first two legendary belts, Immortals’ Justice (IJ) and Ice Stalagmites (IS) – something which my guildies and friends have recommended for a while.

This post will assess and discuss the traits, use and viability of these two, showcasing certain strategies of how they are able to be used and which scenarios are good to use them in. It will also do an overall comparison between the two at the end as to why one of them is so largely preferred over the other.

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Ruby Temple [Revisited]

Since the later half of 2016, a good number of my posts have been registered as defunct and outdated due to the massive changes in gameplay mechanics and strategies. Combat, stronghold and the way to select and customise gear are now much different from the way they were since the time of writing.

In this post, and many others down the line, I’ll be working on reviewing and updating the old posts starting with the stronghold ones. This will be seen as a replacement to the original entries.


For this scenario, let us start with the Ruby Temple, one of the strongest fire-based trap rooms currently existing in DH5.

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Trap Room Part 2.5: Seashore Retreat

Busy schedules!

If you’re wondering what happened to the continuation of the Weapons introductory post, let’s just say that its still baking in the oven. But first, something which is more relevant and up-to-date for your literary enjoyment: Seashore Retreat.

Seashore Retreat is the latest trap room that made its debut in a previous update’s advertising video. While not only surprising people with an ‘alleged‘ Water Ethera champion, this water trap has been well designed for the new edition of SH v2.0 with the 5 minion slots within.

In the same vein of the previous trap room posts (which I do very much need to update some of them), let’s explore this new trap in terms of planning and strategizing for it.

Correction edit on 31/10/16: Embedded tridents do damage you!

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Making SH v2.0 Work

Stronghold v2.0 has descended a few days ago and, boy, do we get plenty of changes (not to mention that I need to edit/recreate a number of my posts).

But with regards to that, let’s take a look at what is currently present in the new system and look at strategies as to how to at least survive these first few weeks of stronghold building.

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Trap Room Part 2.4: Ruby Temple

Okay great!

I’m finally back online since the (godsend) update/hotfix kicked in last Thursday/Friday (depending on which part of the World you live in)…after an immense week-long drought that made me realise how ridiculously entwined my life is with this game. But since it’s back, the ‘schedule’ (for gaming and this blog) has gotten back to normal.

This week’s post is more of a personal interest, and will offer an insight into one of the more annoying and overused trap rooms since a few updates back, the Ruby Temple.

Just in case you’re new, here’s what I’ve done so far for trap rooms, to get you up to speed.

Part 1: General Overview
Part 2.1: Valenthian Guardhouse
Part 2.2: Ashkardian Crypt
Part 2.3: Nettle Grove
Part 2.4: Ruby Temple <-you’re reading this now!

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