Easter 2018

The long weekend is here! And finally I’ve got some spare time on my hands (after so long) to post some entries 🙂

For those who were wondering: Yes, I intentionally skipped the review of the update. It was initially planned as a Chest Drop post but seeing the flak it has been getting on forums/discord, I’ve decided to avoid that for now. What’s more, probability of chest drops isn’t something that can be ‘cheaply‘ quantified so I’m afraid that I lack the resources (and data) to properly evaluate them. 🙂

For this holiday entry, this wouldn’t be so much about a cultural post this time but more of a Legendary Hunt (LH) strategy post for early to mid game players. It is in response to the difficulty scaling in the Easter mission, which makes legendary mode more challenging than your usual LH.

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Spring Festival 2018

Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers! 🙂

As the event is on its second day of run and that the mechanics of it is fairly straightforward, this will be a short post on the appreciation for the event and its special dungeon design. Moreover, it will include the cultural references which the bosses, characters and gears in this update were drawn from.

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Valethian Christmas (2017)

The Christmas holiday special has dropped on the turn of December, and unfortunately I’ve been late on covering this due to a busy weekend. 😉

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s version of the event and some strategies that you could consider in getting the rewards. 🙂

Update 8/12/17: There is an increase in the number of available Xmas Nature Armor and Water Duals you can now buy from the shop from 1 to 7. Probably revised for Mastery purposes. Additionally, there are some updates to the strategy in getting 5 presents. 

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Summer Event (2017)


With the Summer Event of 2017 in place, here’s a quick post to discuss the flow of the event, explain the workings of a custom-made calculator and give some insights about known issues.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be working on a cultural post for this round, like my other event posts, since I’m knee deep in real-life work at this point. Perhaps I’ll do it sometime later since I just read that the Fire Colossus might actually be a ‘she‘ based on Polynesian folklore.

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Spring Festival 2017

28th January marks the start of 2017’s Lunar New Year (also known as ‘Spring Festival’ and ‘Chinese New Year’), which commemorates the start of the year based on the lunar calendar. This 15 day long event is celebrated by Chinese all over the world, and is a time for families return to their home countries and gather with their families in celebration (source).

Like last year, DH5 also presents their version of celebration in the form of a special event (Wanted Challenge), but is much much more generous compared to 2016’s edition. Hence, similar to the Halloween post last year, this will briefly review the event with emphasis on the cultural ties it has to the real-life festival.

Be warned, this will cover more than just traditional customs and folklore so hopefully you’re in for a relatively long read.

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Valenthian Rooftops [2016 Edition]

Christmas came early with this year’s edition of Valenthian Rooftops, the annual Xmas DH5 event, commencing a couple of hours ago…at least when I first started writing this post. 

In the same vein as last year, the event features your character (and ally) running around the rooftops of Valenthia collecting and delivering presents, which you can read about the strategy here, and the Easter eggs post here, both of which were posted last year.

The mission should now be (much much) easier with more gears attaining run speed at T6 and with maxed out T6 Haste making everyone a speed machine, all set for a rapid pick-and-drop delivery.

Update (22/12/16): The ornaments rewarded per difficulty have been updated. Fortunately, this makes the whole event much much easier. 🙂

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Lore of the Eve


With the season of hauntings almost upon us, it’s time to analyse (the heck) out of the ongoing Halloween event and it’s champion boss, Lord of the Eve.

However, be warned as this is not your usual DH5 strategy post which I normally do, as the event is pretty straightforward and I don’t think much is needed to even get the Lord of the Eve Champion which I’m pretty sure a number of you guys have already. On the contrary, let’s do something different and give the devs credit in making a cultural reference to this upcoming festival.

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Review of Easter Gear

Whelp! A belated post that arrived way too late. 😦

Hence, I’m going to review all of the easter related equipment for this post instead of providing the usual calculator or walkthrough. But I have to say, it’s much easier than the Spring festival (earlier in February) in terms of the combat prowess of the minions and boss (especially Legendary Mode).

*This is a buffer post before I make the next entry for the combat 2.0 series of posts.

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Spring Festival WC Calculator



The Chinese(/Lunar) New Year is just round the corner and we’re looking at DH5’s recently released new event, Temple of Bells. The objectives are fairly straightforward so I won’t be going in depth into the mechanics of the mission.

All I can say is that even with 5.5k/6.3k stats (light gear), the legendary run is pretty tough without potions and a strong death ally.

Last wave of minions for the event mission

However, what I can go in-depth into is how to get the Armor.
Since this is a WC-type of event, I’ve revisited the Christmas event calculator and the existing WC event calculator to give you the Spring Festival Calculator…which probably explains why the format is similar to its predecessors.

Download the Spring Event Calculator HERE!

Like the other calculators, to download it, go to the top-left corner of the screen for ‘File’ -> ‘Download As…’->Excel (.xlsx)

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Easter Eggs [Valenthian Rooftops]

A short (and not-so-informative) post on easter eggs on the ongoing ‘Valenthian Rooftops’ event mission. After continuously delivering presents, I decided to explore a bit around the event map and let’s just say nostalgia runs high and I’m rather impressed by what the DH team has put in.

Literally taking place on top of the ‘den’ where your character is based in, one might have noticed certain familiar characters positioned right below where you’re standing.  Altogether, there are 5 key spots where players can see the going-ons of the different NPCs and how they’re ‘celebrating’ the festive season (see map).

*All these NPCs appear in the Den or in the solo mission storyline at some point in time. If you’re not familiar with the storyline, I provided links to read up on the different character’s backstories (featured in the wikia).

The Musician and his audienceIMG_0176

Starting at the top left corner is the Musician strumming away at his guitar(?) with a public performance cheering for him. Well…I assume the music is good as it’ll be awkward to have dancing couples twirling around bad music.

In the home base, the musician sits at the right of the portal (just below the bandit) and plays different tunes depending on the occasion. You can hear his rendition of ‘Jiggle Bells’ if you have your volume up and ‘interact’ with him.

Ser Vahn Cullen and his soldiersIMG_0179

At the gates, you’ll be able to see Ser Vahn Cullen on guard along with his soldiers. Interestingly, the arrested Regent Kalator (blocked by my dodge roll button) stands alongside at the corner, still with his hands bound behind his back. (I really wonder how long they’re going to keep him in that state.)

Harland and the MagesIMG_0178

Harland having a conversation with a warmage hexcaster, a warmage officiant and a dark variation of the hexcaster (aren’t they supposed to be evil?).

Madie and her banditsIMG_0177

A gathering of thieves: Madie (with her oversized crossbow) and her team of right hand bandits.

*Courtesy of Gameloft_Syrann for pointing out this nifty detail I missed:
Apparently, Syrann can be spotted at the top right stealing presents from the box as well. 😀

The Mercenaries and The MerchantIMG_0184

Last but not least, and also my favourite, would be the gathering of ‘old friends‘ at the lower left corner of the map – Lady Tzimeko (Xinkashi), Dendrik (Kenashi), Garossus (Forsaken Sands), Magpie Prince (Mid-autumn event) and Parth the Merchant.

*The first three characters were from the previous update-exclusive solo raids where you farm tickets to open chests (see Dummy0151’s retrospective post to learn mrore).
*The last character, Magpie prince, is a little difficult to see as he’s in the corner, but you’ll be able to tell from his equips (smoke veil, frozen blades, blue glowing armor). 

From the animation, it looks like Lady Tzimeko has some issues with Parth and is arguing with him while the other 3 guys standing beside them. (Could be some displeasure about how easy her event is.)

Well…that’s about it.

Just a bit of updates: I’m currently working on a post on how to break the Voror Knight and also am looking into the mechanics of the Stronghold formations. The Fire WC set comparison is also on the way as they just announced it as the next and 4th gear.

Also, if I’m fortunate enough to get the new christmas blades and armor, I plan to review them as well.

Stay tuned!