Missing the Dodge (and more) Pt.1

After clearing your free trinkets and testing out the new crafting mechanism, the next large change to the game comes in the form of the modified dodge modification. As brought up in the previous post (and at the request of many), let’s discuss what exactly dodge is now and how this has impacted combat as a whole.

As a continuation in a later post, we shall also look into what is good now and new strategies to adopt in order to adapt to these new changes.

Before I go into that, do give the entirety of the official changelog a read first before we go any further.

Done? Alright, let’s start.

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Revised Crafting and Trinkets

With the new update dropped, I can finally post! 🙂

Amidst the new gear evolutions, revised dodge mechanic and amended interface, the first major feature which caught my attention, as well as being highly discussed on the forums, would be the trinket crafting system.

On first glance, the new crafting system with conversion might seem to be confusing and players might be uncertain as to what to do next. Not to worry as this post is dedicated to helping you understand the new trinket crafting system (at least for this update).

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A Legendary Evaluation

While I would very much like to talk about the new update today, this post is dedicated to the first two legendary belts, Immortals’ Justice (IJ) and Ice Stalagmites (IS) – something which my guildies and friends have recommended for a while.

This post will assess and discuss the traits, use and viability of these two, showcasing certain strategies of how they are able to be used and which scenarios are good to use them in. It will also do an overall comparison between the two at the end as to why one of them is so largely preferred over the other.

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Ruby Temple [Revisited]

Since the later half of 2016, a good number of my posts have been registered as defunct and outdated due to the massive changes in gameplay mechanics and strategies. Combat, stronghold and the way to select and customise gear are now much different from the way they were since the time of writing.

In this post, and many others down the line, I’ll be working on reviewing and updating the old posts starting with the stronghold ones. This will be seen as a replacement to the original entries.


For this scenario, let us start with the Ruby Temple, one of the strongest fire-based trap rooms currently existing in DH5.

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Skills Classification

Happy New Year to all fellow readers!

Before I start, Thank you for your support, especially those who are following this blog and my guild mates, in the past year of 2016! Hopefully 2017 would be great for DH5 with plenty of new additions and bug-free updates. 🙂

To follow up with the traits ranking post, let’s more on to one of the major aspects of this game – Skills.

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Trial Optimisation

Amidst the SHv2.0 commentaries (and recent update to the fresh new interface of Google Chrome), I decided to work on something currently less spoken about, yet still on everyone’s daily to-do list: Trials of Elements.

(Edited on 18/09 – Corrected map with new info on certain minions and a segment on persistent zone skills)

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Making SH v2.0 Work

Stronghold v2.0 has descended a few days ago and, boy, do we get plenty of changes (not to mention that I need to edit/recreate a number of my posts).

But with regards to that, let’s take a look at what is currently present in the new system and look at strategies as to how to at least survive these first few weeks of stronghold building.

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Raiding and Trophies

Before SH v2.0 makes its grand appearance, I wanted to address something that has irked me whenever anyone starts a thread or a conversation with me about the following:

“Why on earth do I lose more trophies when failing my defence, but gain very little trophies when I win?!”       – Many players

…accompanied by a string of comments about how messed up the current raiding system is and various insults thrown around.

Well…while the good thing is that this penalty is set for reduction, the honest truth is that this trophy system has not changed since the time I played (which is approximately a year ago).

This time, I promise to keep the post brief.

*Edited: Segment on Revenge & tip to move to the next ranking league*

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Colossal Sear

Amidst the Pokemon GO madness which just touched-down in my country last Saturday, walking around ‘aimlessly‘ has been one of the major self-assigned tasks that I’ve been engaged in over the weekend… …perhaps it is time to do something productive and commence on writing this post.

Anyway, if you’re wondering about the title of the post, it’s another way you can say ‘Massive Burn‘, but we’ll get to that later.

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