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Due to the growing number of posts on this blog, here’s a Site Map to organise things better so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for (…and also allows me to see what I’ve been procrastinating on). Those with a working link means that it’s done, and those which don’t are either planned for in the near future or currently being worked upon.

TL;DR: Finally, a place which sorts out all my posts!

If you have a topic which you would like me to research on, do leave a comment on this page and I’ll see to it. If it’s a worthwhile study, I’ll do a blog post on it!

P.S. I left out some posts as these are the not-so-popular ones from the wordpress statistics. However, you can still find these via the search function (type ‘trinkets’ and ‘auto-mode’) if you’re interested.

[Updated 12 November 2016]

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Festive Analysis

The Math Behind Guild Wars

Combat 2.0 Guide

Gear Review Guides & Comparison Posts

Wanted Challenge (WC) Guides

Older Comparison Posts (T5 WC Gear)

(If you were wondering what happened to the Water Cycle 3 and Cycle 5 comparison featuring Khil Urdd as the boss, the 5th WC Cycle never ran on DH5 and the Glaive and Armor were special gifts for the winner of the Youtube contest they held last year. You can find the video of the gear being used, here.)

Special Event Guides