Useful Links

Here’s a bunch of useful links and sources where I get my information from. They helped me very much through my game play and hope that they’ll aid you too!

Mojo’s Dungeon Hunter 5 Compendium
(Author: MojoFabulous)

An emerging Database of Dungeon Hunter 5. Updating weekly with tips, tricks and ranking of gears types.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Wiki 
(Authors: JP and the development team)

The official Database of Dungeon Hunter 5 featuring most items, minions, bosses, events etc. etc.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Forums
(Authors: Multiple)

The Official Forum site where players discuss about game play, bugs, suggestions…well…most of the time. This is where you’ll get your latest information from if you can’t find it in the Wiki.

Aqvi’s Guide for Getting Gems (as a free player)
(Authors: Aqvi Teig)

Also from the Forums, this is a post that talks about how you can obtain gems without spending a dime on the game.

Dummy0151’s Element and Physical Values explanation
(Author: Dummy0151)

Dug out from the Archives, this is an explanation of how damage is calculated and how elemental multipliers come into play.

Book on DH5
(Author: Book/ Brian Lowry)

Guides on Trinket crafting ingredients farming from waypoints and trinkets.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Windows Community
(Author: Raziel619)

The Windows Community blog with news on game updates and guides on game mechanics and material farming.

SooDuhGoodTime’s Youtube Channel
(Author: Qulol)

A youtube channel showcasing WC gear testing, evolution and chest openings.

Dungeon Hunter Awe’s Youtube Channel
(Author: Dungeon Hunter Awe)

A youtube channel showcasing WC gear evolution and map runs.

Strafez’s Youtube Channel
(Author: Strafez)

A youtube channel showcasing what the skills (obtained from solo missions) can do. Useful for players deciding which skills to pick.