Still alive…but…

[Quick Announcement]

While the new update has rolled out (fairly recently) for all platforms, I’ve been suffering from a mild writer’s block since there isn’t really much new content to put out at the moment. The initial plan was to work on an FAQ-style post to document the features of the update. However, now with the announcement that the ‘action delay/ cooldown‘ issue is to be solved by reverting to the old version, perhaps the main new content which we will get is this year’s run of the Spring event (ie. Lunar New Year event).

From now till the Spring festival event, I’m currently working on a Nettles Forbidden Courtyard stronghold post which is scheduled for the end of the week or early next week. Hopefully that will fill in before the event comes along.

P.S.: I’m going blind from the intense colour saturation in Strongholds 😦



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